Go Local

How are people finding products and services that are in their own neighbourhood?

The traditional print sources, like the Yellow Pages, are still used by some.
However, the expansion of internet, mobile and wireless technologies has displaced these published indices as sources for ever-increasing numbers of researchers.
It is entirely possible that such books will go the way of the dodo. Consumers are now using internet searches, GPS instruments, and smart mobile phones to mine their neighbourhoods.

Want a nearby restaurant, appliance store, plumber, or repair shop?
The common answer today is “Google it” – and, you can even do it from your phone!

Did you know? Close to half of Google searches are geographically specific.

Did you know? A large majority (83%) of people who conduct a local search take action and contact a business directly.

Get top-listed on all types of internet access devices when it comes to local or geographically-specific searches and bring the customer to your phone, shop or office. And, your information stays contemporary through immediate, real-time updates to your site.